Saturday, 6 June 2015


I nearly can't believe it. It's been almost 2 years since the last time we met and I still haven't got over you. We don't live in the place where we're possible to see each other frequently, nor we stay in touch often, but still you're the one who takes the largest space in my mind.

It sounds stupid, but I really started to think that you put some kind of spell on me and forgot to undo it.

I've changed my room decoration and layout. I've changed all of my old stationary. I've changed almost everything. But it seems like nothing can stop the fact that a lot of simple things in my daily reminds me of you.

I really, really, really tired of this shit. I want to be free. Free from your shadows, from this feeling, and free my mind from the thoughts of you.

I even still got visions about you sometimes, when the fact is I'm trying not to give a fuck about you.

You wanna know what's tiring me more? People saying "Come on, you gotta move on"
Shit. It's like they don't see how many times I've tried to see some new guys but none of them worked eventually.

All I've ever done from the start is loving you. Why can't I stop while you already can?