Tuesday, 19 March 2013

40. Te extraño mucho.

It should be our 40th monniversary.
Last night, I had a dream about us.
and when I woke up, I cried.. and somehow I wish I could text you just to say "Good morning, Hunnie.. Have a nive day at work"

And then, a friend of mine, MGN (her codename) put a photo as her BlackBerry Messenger display picture. It was a photo from 2010 at our friend's sweet 17th birthday party. And I really know that photo, because it's kinda memorable too for me.
It was MGN and her boyfriend's mid-close up photo and behind them, a bit blur, there were my hand and yours, holding together like nothing could get in our way.
Yeah, we were just like that, and I hope that we're still now. haha :') #StupidMe

I remember how it was like. When I was with you, I was like have this kind feeling that I don't want and can't far from you, so I always tended to hold your hand and be close to you.
You know, just like a little kid who's going with her mom/dad and she feels so secure with them so she doesn't want to let go them.
But I still managed when I should handle myself to give you some times.
And on our last times together, it was you the one who felt it too (I think) because I remember how you didn't want to be far from me when we spent our time together..
haha. yeah, and I still remember you said "Don't you feel, don't you know that on our last holiday, I became to love you more?"
and hell yeah, I really know and felt it. but then you confuse me by your own act a month after. you know, when you broke us up.
it's like "You said you became to love me more, but then you gave up easily?"

anyway, I, somehow also wish that today somehow, maybe even by magic or anything, you would text me..?
just another stupid-me kind of wish.. haha

but, yeah, te extraño mucho.
I miss you so much.

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